ASA Audio Services

ASA Audio Services, Inc. provides sound system rental, sales & installation, audio production, sound production and concert sound reinforcement for Dallas, Fort Worth and all of North Texas.

Providing professional sound reinforcement services for the Dallas/Fort Worth region and beyond.

ASA takes great pride in providing glitch-free service by using experienced techs and well maintained state-of-the-art equipment to assure you that your event will be "Perfect". Events such as private parties, corporate events, arena shows and festivals. In addition, ASA also provides sound systems for touring, regional, and label recording artists, including:

  • Sound system rental
  • Audio production services
  • Concert sound reinforcement
  • Public address rental systems
  • DJ systems
  • Installs

Equipment Listing




  • NEXO PS15 wedges
  • EV FS-212 (two 12" x 2" B&C) biamped
  • ASA 15" x 2" B&C Loaded (biamped)
  • Self Powered Speakers



  • LED Par and conventional Par lights
  • TomCat truss
  • Staging also available upon request


  • Sony CD Players
  • Technical Projects Clear Com
  • Countryman DIs
  • AKG, Beyer, ATM, and Shure mics
  • Sennheiser wireless mics
  • Shure wireless mics
  • Marantz CD Recorders
  • Sennheiser EW300 G3 In Ear Monitors

Motion Laboratories Distribution

Whirlwind ISO Transformer Audio Snakes

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PH: 214.202.0767